About the Programme

This unique twelve month programme combines expert programme mentoring, peer advisory and subject area development to create the biggest impact of difference for members which is the least time-intensive. The Team has included elements of the most effective executive programmes around the world in its design.

The programme creates the space for regular private group meetings where you have access to 'thought leadership' in specific areas of interest and where the group can safely discuss their most pressing business issues and concerns. There is real power in the collective wisdom of a high performing group. Imagine the ideas and insights that can be generated! Programme Mentors will support this process.

The executive value proposition:

  • Benefit from the knowledge and wisdom of peers, subject matter experts and experienced Programme Mentors to inform your decision making - bring your most pressing issues and concerns to the table.
  • Learn, develop and grow in your leadership role in a challenging but supportive environment.
  • Overcome any 'sink or swim' scenarios you may find yourself in - benefit from others' real life success, war stories and experiences.
  • Use the time to grow yourself and ultimately your business, and demonstrate your accountability and commitment to action.
  • Sleep better at night and improve your wellbeing with proactive strategies - lighten the load/ease the mind/resolve pressing problems.
  • Be motivated and inspired by working with others and knowing you are not alone.
  • Join an exclusive group and expand your professional network.